Johannesdal was established in 2006 by Chris Willemse and Dané Erwee . The farm and its houses are their personal gallery, their oeuvre. It is here that they live out all that makes them tick. The fiber of who they are is reflected in the gardens, on the walls and in the subtle details and small corners. These are two kids that never grew up, and Johannesdal is their playground.

They share their playground with their six ‘children’. Each uniquely endearing and all easy to love! Leila and Sebastian are social and gentle giants that love being around people. Lucky is the involuntary addition to the family: “She adopted us and is now the self - appointed head of the house and we cannot now imagine our lives without her.” The cats keep more to themselves. The elderly Sumak is a piece of the furniture, be careful not to confuse her for a cushion. Samba is a picture of feline elegance and Matewis, the baby in the family, is playfully curious and has a face that belongs on an oil painting.

As founding directors of the influential florist OKASIE, Chris and Dané both have an exceptional eye for design and aesthetic beauty, and the skilled fingers to grow and assemble that which their hearts wish to. The essence of their home spills over into their shop and their events, and that is the key element of the signature ‘OKASIE look’. The gardens supply unique and exceptional floral elements to the floral designs done by OKASIE and any desirable elements which cannot be sourced commercially, they grow.