The modern home with its seamless outer lines appears at first to be closed off to the outside world, but make your way through the entrance to the living room and the breathtaking view of the towering peaks floods into the space. Like a periscope, your eyes are continuously drawn forward and outward.

The house was designed by Henri Comrie, a modernist and creator of pure spaces. The overlapping love for the use of simple materials in design made this a comfortable collaboration.

Spaces in the house are not as expected. There are four air-conditioned bedrooms, each seeming to have their own personality. The bathrooms too go against the grain, and each create a unique experience: from the luxury of having a bathroom as big as your bedroom, to alibrary shower, to an adventurous secret bathroom outside around the corner. An overwhelming sensation of luxury is created throughout by rich velvet and linen curtains, exquisite bedding and curated d├ęcor and furnishings.